Posted by: internationalroutier | November 30, 2009

25th Anniversary Party

Many cars lined the street as the masses left the 21stC behind and marched the short distance to 1642. (Andy, could that count as drill perhaps?) Unfortunately it was still 35 degrees plus in the 17thC and as such, only the most dedicated of men were in their doublets or soldier’s coats and the majority of the ladies were in their underthings (don’t recall hearing any objections to this). Luckily, the liquid refreshments were cold, plentiful and an absolute bargain! Thanks to the good brewers of St Peter’s Brewery our thirsts were well quenched. Not to mention how much easier clean up is without the bottles and cans as well as not having to see all that garbage on the tables(now that spoils my reenactment experience).

Handmade pretzels and a selection of english cheeses held us over til dinner- and what a splendid meal it was. We don’t often go hungry at Routier events but this one was above even the usual high standards. The meals came from a selection of countries all close to Routier hearts- England, Germany, Poland, Spain and were a mixture of period recipes and dishes based on period ingredients. An absolute standout on the day was new Captain Andy’s Bigos Everybeast Casserole with the most amazing rich and complex flavours. That dish may just about earn it’s own post if I can coax the recipe from Andy :). Also baby octopus, chorizo, spatzle, pilau, mustards, egg tart, spiced rice, breads and a very grande sallet as well as some excellent Turkish delight and pastries that had us looking longingly for the Turkish coffee (maybe we shall have to include plans for that for next feast). Not bad for $15 hey?
We had a huge number of special guests who traveled some very great distances to join in the fun and their efforts and company were immensely appreciated. Hope you all had a good time.

Pall Mall was played, quoits were thrown, music sounds through the falling jacaranda flowers (I feel very lucky to have such talented people in our midst), dice were rolled (fortune as often favouring the beginner and the brave), D’Amage’s evil medicine bottle offered around, songs were sung, old stories told and speeches were made- including an official handing over of the Captaincy from Ross to Andy, toasts were drunk, friendships made and renewed.
The work that goes on before an event is crucial to it’s success and the success for this one is testament to the efforts of all involved in the planning, cooking, and setup. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved, we are deeply indebted to you (sorry I couldn’t be more help in the leadup this time!)

Would love to hear your memories (some may be sketchier than others) of the night.



  1. I loved the evening & came away with Fyd’s beutiful hand made wooden stien! (thanks Fyd).
    My undoing was staying up till 5am with Helmut & Sue talking about ‘the good ole days’ of re-enactment to name just one topic. A night not soon forgotten by this old veteran!

  2. Great Food and Drink are the keys to a great re-enactment experience, oh yea and good company helps.

    Now pass me some more of that Every Beast Casserole and another pint.

  3. Had a fantastic time – worth every bit of the effort to get the Lagoon Fortress shipshape(ish) for the occasion. The beer was marvellously moreish, the food tasty and plentiful, the company fabulous. A great finish to the year.

    (also, I just figured out how to add an RSS feed to livejournal so entries turn up on my friendslist, so go me!)

  4. Alright, Louise, it can count as a drill if you want – the last under the auspices of Capain Ross. Doesn’t soften the program for next year, though.

    The Inescapable Military Feel ™ is back (in a good way, I hope).

    Well done, everybody who contributed to a very convivial evening. I just wish I hadn’t felt so stuffed before it even started…

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