Posted by: internationalroutier | December 13, 2009

Working Bee 12th Dec

Mouldy flaps. Nobody wants ’em.
This weekend the mould that had been spotted on the new tent flaps was removed by Spike, Sue, Damien and Louise. This was a mammoth task. 2 flaps, 2 sides each and only 4 people to work on them; you can do the math.
Meanwhile, the immuno compromised (and therefore wisely avoiding the mould spores), Robinsons sanded and oiled the pike shafts and heads. Club serving bowls and chopping boards were also done. Minor bucket repairs and further soaking. Buckets begged not to be put back into the trailer as they saw their comrade fall to bits in there due to high temps and low humidity.
Remaining Mega-event beer sustained us (just).
The only good thing I can say about so few people turning up is that I may have found a cure for tuckshop arms.



  1. Unfortunately a technical malfunction (TM) prevented recording of both the ‘before’ state of said flaps, and the vigorous cleaning action that took place (it was hot and wet and soapy, that’s all you need to know).

    However the results speak for themselves:

    (Dear Editor, I don’t know if wordpress supports photos in comments the way lj does – your advice would be appreciated).

    • Not sure about the photos in comments, will look into it. Ta

  2. Well, done, the heroic six. That I thoroughly enjoyed my long-standing prior engagement doesn’t stop me feeling bad about not being there.

  3. […] When Glenda and I arrived at a certain working bee, we were warmly greeted and offered coffee and biscuits and told everything was going well but […]

  4. […] major surgery on one of the company buckets in that time. They also get cleaned and oiled at the December working bees where we find everything wooden looks like it needs oiling to a Routier with a bottle of linseed […]

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