Posted by: internationalroutier | January 30, 2010

Poxy Boggards

Many thanks to Paul who brought this fun “drinking group with a singing problem” to my attention in order to share them with you. The Poxy Boggards are a staple at Renaissance Faires and seem to have a merry band of followers both there and in modern venues.
Poxy Boggards
They do not do period music, although they have recorded some older folk songs (songs that are folk and are old, not songs for elderly people), mostly it is of the bawdy and rowdy tavern tune variety. They seem to reflect what has probably been many people’s mood over this festive period. Anyhoo, welcome back to the working & reenactment year. We have quite a full calendar this year so there will be lots of events, drill, dancing and of course a March or Die. I look forward to blogging about them as the year progresses – though if anyone else would care to give me a report I shall be very happy and in all likelihood buy you a beer. I shall also endeavour to uncover lots of 17thC facts both large and small and enlighten your lives with those as well.
I have desperately tried to find a Poxy Boggard clip (with them in costume) to embed with a) good quality sound and b) lyrics that are not too rude. I have failed. You stand warned, NSFW (not suitable for work).



  1. Bloomin ‘ell!
    “I wear no pants” had me rolling in the aisles.
    We can do better than that!!

  2. I loved “I wear no pants”. Pity the better sound quality clips didn’t have them in costume.

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