Posted by: internationalroutier | February 19, 2010

The Glorious Invasion

Due a major wordpress outage this morning I thought the 2 hours I spent assembling this was in vain. Words were said. Anyhoo it seems the boffins have found it all again, hurrah.
Like the actual Invasion day, this post starts off tidy and coherent and gets a little shambolic toward the end. apologies for the tangled pics and text but sadly have no more time to devote today to IR (cupcake markets tomorrow!)

Well, there was not a lot of marching but as the lesser known version of the famous saying goes “An Army sits down in the train on it’s stomach”.

Helmut made splendid coffee (even if the fumes did make Damien’s eyes water) as well as a butterscotch milk (‘just like a caramel milkshake, only boozy’) for which he was immediately cannonised.

These helped wash down the meager offerings of a huge plate of lebanese pastries, sesame and pistachio biscuits, plum and pine nut crumble cake, poppy seed swirly thingy and juicy fresh peach slices. Between the entire group there was only one free hand so there was a lot of “You hold this, I’ll give this plate to him, get the thermos from her, pass that to me and I will pour you a coffee”. Not a single sweetie was lost (ie. dropped and wasted) in the exchange.
Spike drilled us thoroughly on trivia pertaining to Middle Eastern McDonalds outlets, scaremongering urban myths of the 20thC USA and lesser known facts relating to Marilyn Monroe.
Finally we arrived- thank goodness; A woman’s not a camel after all.

This year was notable for the lack of random strangers setting themselves alight and jumping into the harbour. The trend in Newcastle this year is more tiara, bra (complete with curtain ring sized nipple ring) and bowling skirt.

They sure do love serving food in buckets up here and the extensive menu comes with anything you want as long as it is chips and salad.

But as long as there is ginger beer we are all happy.

Time for a reconnaissance so we marched unobtrusively (so as not to arouse suspicion) to the beach.

There were a few technical difficulties with our secret weapon which unfortunately could not be overcome.

And then sadly the invasion was over, time for the train home. Luckily we had saved a few fortifying snacks of chocolate brownies, fruit, cheese and bikkies. This gave the energy to belt out a few victorious tunes to the absolute delight of our fellow travelers. There was also another round of chinese whispers trivia during which young Fiona learned that red kidney beans were toxic if cooked in broccoli (improperly).



  1. Wrestling with a firewall crisis myself, I have to sympathise with the propellor-heads at WordPress. Nice work Madam PG.

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