Posted by: internationalroutier | March 1, 2010

Drilled to within an inch of their lives.

First drill of the year and the new Captaincy was held on Saturday at Parramatta Park (getting our nostalgia on as the young people would say). Thank goodness for the cloud cover but it was still a mighty warm day. We began with a song (despite Keith’s protests that singing was at 9.30 that is why he came at 10) Lilli Burlero with it’s lyrical origins in the early 1640’s and first published with music about 1688. It shall be an excellent marching song and can be easily shortened to suit reduced attention spans in the tavern.
Of course it was time for the official handover of the Captaincy and this was done with suitable flourish and almost Churcillian speeches leaving Pikeman Argent to joyfully rejoin the ranks after his extended absence. Ross then got whacked in the head with Damien’s pike and was delivered a punch in the guts from Keith for disrespecting the colours and stepping on them; welcome back to the rank and file. Captain Brew thoroughly drilled the men, Gordon did an excellent job on drum for the first time, and Spike kicked up his heels high as Ensign. By some secret agreement the blue coats were in abundance and armor absent- only the Reverend was brave (?) enough to helmet up.
Soon enough (well not soon enough, but eventually) it was time for very large beers, even larger schnitzels and very fast accordian music by our friend Fritz from extreme southern Norway. Spike ate until he nearly died and threatened to explode all the way home. Splendid day all round (except for the Spike nearly exploding bit- hope you feel better Ensign!)

Lots of photos from the day in the neato slideshow link below.


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