Posted by: internationalroutier | March 5, 2010

17thC Lectures

The Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society has released the details of their lecture series for this year. The Blue Mountains society are doing 2 lectures which have particular relevance to the 17thC. Tim Stimson BA, (Hons) PGCE (Adult Ed) is presenting Jan Steen’s Hilarious Households- A 17th Century Paradox on Monday 26 July and then on Monday 25 October Andrew Davies MA (Hons) Oxon will speak on Samuel Pepys- Life and Times and Diary. Unfortunately they are both being held 10.30 am Mondays which might make attendance for some of us a bit tricky but I hope to be a able to wheedle a flexi day somehow to get to these. They are held at the Wentworth Falls School of Arts Theatre on the Great Western Highway and cost $20 as a casual visitor. I will try to obtain a more detailed description of the lectures (not one up on the website so far) and will do a reminder closer to the dates as well.

Let me know if you hear of a workshop, exhibition, lecture, interpretive dance happening that may be of interest and I shall thrust it into the blogosphere.
If anyone was free this Monday the first lecture of the year is The Rise of the Horizontal- the careers of courtesanes and femmes galantes in 19thC Paris. I wish there was a podcast, sounds interesting! Other lectures through the year cover Charles Darwin in Australia, Tiles & Architectural ceramics, Jane Austen, James Cook, and Opera- something for the whole family.



  1. Sounds great. I’d love to go.

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