Posted by: internationalroutier | March 7, 2010

March Working Bee

A hot autumn day and time to get buzzy. Don’t bee late!
Ok, that’s too corny even for me. I promise not to drone on too much. ba boom tish

Three major tasks were set aside for this working bee (well 4, but one of those was set for the end of the day and we shall discuss later). First on the hit list was The Table Situation (TM pending). The longer of the 2 Routier tables was given the dettol and wire brush treatment and oiled generously with linseed oil. Initially plans were to cut this one down to fit into the club trailer but given recent numbers at feasting events it was felt we needed all the long tables we could muster.
The very long table that Bill built (sounds like a nursery rhyme!) was given a complete rebuild. Dowels were removed, the boards moved together to close any gaps, glued, clamped, doweled, sanded and oiled as well as extra bracing added. Helmut and Spike took charge of this project and did a sterling job.

In an effort to avoid bucket committee like haste, Andy and Damien took off like a shot to the hardware store and secured a little extra timber to add to the stash Damien had put aside and got to work on a new improved table design that will fit into the trailer and come with us on encampments. Incredible thanks go here to the Reverend’s Table Talk article on this very blog for guiding the trestle design (several times I saw them dash in to consult another pic!). We now have 2 beautifully constructed trestle legs well under way which when finished will fold up under the table and pack neat as you like into the trailer.

Item the second- lanterns. In a working bee last year a series of brass lanterns were begun but due to a variety of difficulties had fallen by the wayside. Jacqui asked to revive the lantern making, learnt how to drill, how to rivet and how to almost mass produce brass hinges. The lanterns are a little closer to completion. Vixen and Sue were also working at this very productive work station.

Third on the major task list was the sorting out of the International Routier archives. In the very, very small print of the editor’s job description is the holding of the archives- until yesterday a collection of 5 differently shaped cardboard boxes. It is a magnificent resource and I am so glad they have been kept but as they were their potential was completely squandered. My aim was to get a single copy of each in a chronological, well stored archive. One day would be fab to have some kind of uber-index…Multiple spares were put aside to help fill gaps in people’s collections, as reading/selling material at future taverns, or recycling as poo tickets at loo mark II at the Wintercamp site.
We went from this

to this… in remarkably good time.

Gold stars to Sue, Vixen, Erin and myself for this. All we need now is a filing cabinet 🙂 Stay tuned for some ‘blast from the past’ features from previous IR mags.
Catering of course is a permanent fixture at any Routier event and we had to make do with 4 types of bread, 5 types of cheese, 3 cured meats, dolmades, olives, a spectacular sesame dressed salad and a variety of refreshing beverages. Hard life really.

Last on the list, in an unofficial capacity, was the celebrating of Damien’s birthday. Happily, everyone was able to stay back, enjoy a wide variety of splendid beers (including one terribly large terribly potent brew for the birthday boy. Gee Helmut, who gave him that one?), a teeny tiny gin (honest) and maybe just a single white wine spritzer. Next time we promise to check the gas bottle before the BBQ. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make it such a thoroughly enjoyable and productive day.



  1. Thanks for all your hard work guys. My apologies again for being a filthy stopout

    • You have plenty of credit in the hard work department. So although we missed your company, no apologies necessary!

  2. Thanks Louise, for the wonderful atmosphere of relaxed hosting, over catering and stunning banana animal birthday muffins.

  3. Glad I could be of some assistance, even in my absence.

  4. Did you manage to tack down a hard copy of every edition of the IR?

    • Given that there is no definitive list for the exact numbers published, we think so. The early years (pre 1990) are a little sketchy but after that it looks pretty good. Will publish a full list of volumes and numbers to compare your own collections against for gaps.

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