Posted by: internationalroutier | March 28, 2010

Dancing Bee

As part of Captain Brew’s renewed focus on the finer points of Routier Culture our first dancing workshop of the held was held on yesterday. When organising the calendar this year we had anticipated it being a little cooler and more suited to dancing outdoors but apparently this is the summer that will never end so we were destined to Dance or Die.

First of all thanks must first go to Damo, who in spite not being of the dancing persuasion, helped out with the chicken poo eradication program and mowed the lawn- carefully putting down lemon peel and fragrant herbs on the lawn first so as to create sweet aromas for us to dance by.
Sue, the newly appointed Dancing Mistress, came armed with scads of notes, an army of CD’s and the all important boom box (oops, my age is showing). After a moment of thinking no one else would show the troops came flooding through the door. After the obligatory admiration of the chickens and cuppa and a biscuit, the dancing began.

We stepped through several new and old dances to refresh sluggish memories and teach the new dancers. Sometimes it all came together beautifully once we did it to the music, sometimes people came close to losing limbs. The Backwards Spinning Wheel of Death (not the original 17thC name for this move) was particularly challenging and I cannot wait to see it performed with the addition of eleventy three pints at Oktoberfest. I’m not so flash on remembering all the names of the dances but do know we did ‘Upon a Summer’s Day’, ‘Hearts Ease’ (which threatened to become Heart Seize), ‘Rufty Tufty’ and a new one I misheard at first as ‘Madge up a Tree’ and now for the life of me cannot remember the correct name. Sorry Sue!

Thank you to Sue for leading us and for all those who travelled from near and far and for bringing delicious contributions to the picnic. Everybody agreed that, although being a little hot for comfort, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to taking to the dancefloor again soon; hopefully sans caltrops from the liquid amber tree.


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