Posted by: internationalroutier | April 13, 2010

Interview with a Routier

by Louise (Editor) and Erin (Editor’s daughter)

She may only be 12 but, like a lot of the kids at reenactment events, she has seen a lot of events in that short time. With aspirations to be Captain one day I thought I would ask Erin for her thoughts on the reenactment life of a kid (also she lives here so it is easy to ask her, and the article I am working on currently is taking much longer than I thought!)

At last Soldier’s Council (happily occurring during school holidays) Erin filled out a small questionnaire for me.
1) Tell me 5 things you enjoy about reenactment camping…
* The clothes (comfortable)
* The lack of electricity (challenging)
* The company (funny)
* The entertainment (eg. music, games etc)
* Sleeping arrangements (cold and different) (Ed’s note: please DOCS don’t take my child)
I like all of these things because they are different from how we normally live.

Tell me 5 things you hate don’t like…
(Ed’s note; obviously she didn’t like the use of the word ‘hate’)
* Time we have to eat dinner (too early)
* Washing up standards (meaning how gross the plates are)
* Fire smoke
* Bindy things at wintercamp
These things are different but not for the better.

Stay tuned for Erin’s bindii eradication program, smokeless fires and dettol and wire brush washing up once she makes Captain.
When I first started reenacting nobody much brought kids along. The vast majority of those involved didn’t have kids. However, things change, we all have got older and many of us have bred (for better or worse) so now the reenactment event has changed accordingly. There is still plenty of late night irreverent carousing (and some just-after-breakfast irreverent carousing as well) so hopefully the presence of kids hasn’t cramped too much style along the way. I think it has actually led to a higher retention rate of participants than we could have otherwise hoped for. I quite like to see the little imps racing about the campsite; and then I quite like it when they go play somewhere else too :). I feel quite privileged that my daughter has had a chance to participate in some fabulous events; we have a whole bunch of wonderful family memories/stories/photos/scars because of this. Sadly, I did feel compelled to say no to taking the throwing axe in to 2nd grade show and tell. Once she got to 3rd grade and had a fellow reenactor for a teacher though she was able to take all manner of weird stuff.
I know some people aren’t so keen, and some events are not suitable for kids, but for my own selfish reasons I am glad these are the exception rather than the norm. After all the family that reenacts together…damn, nothing useful here rhymes with reenacts.


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