Posted by: internationalroutier | May 18, 2010

Linnwood House

The Linnwood House Open Day was held last Saturday and thank goodness that, unlike last year, it was a glorious sunny day. We were able to set up a relaxed, yet attractive, display of competitive picnicking, weapons, armor, tent, kitchen gear and foodstuffs.
The Captain led the 3 musketeers and the 3 armored pikemen through their drill with the newly fancy-panted drummer (who is doing a smashing job). Dancing Mistress Sue (who bears a striking resemblance to Pikeman Sue) led the dancers in 3 dances while DJ Damo worked the decks.
Lots of questions were answered for the enthusiastic onlookers who were very appreciative and whilst this was a freebie gig it was very useful practice for the Blacktown Medieval Fayre this weekend.

It is really easy to forget how little the general public know about our period, and even about identifying what period we are from. Making that clearer will be a positive step I feel – how to achieve that is probably still up for discussion. Most people seemed to think that the muskets, cutlery etc we were using were actual 17thC items and were sometime disappointed to here they were replicas (not sure what to say in reply to that). They enjoyed being able to get some/most of the spices in the identification game correct; nobody wants to be made look like a fool on a nice day out. The quoits were brought, but competitive picnicking was just too attractive for them to get used. Having some kiddies in our group at Blacktown to invite people to play will be good. In my mind it would also be good to more sharply define our ‘camp’, for Blacktown/paid gigs but probably not necessary for this one which enjoyed a more casual, wandering ‘vibe’..

Well done all, a thoroughly enjoyable day all round in the grounds of the venue voted mostly likely to suit the purposes of the Routier Retirement Home.



  1. […] Linnwood house a week ago was a pleasant and relaxing day out, for which see Louise’s account here. Blacktown Medieval Fayre was a good deal more work. For one thing it was a two day long event, […]

  2. Agreed, it was a very low-key but enjoyable day. Pity my breeches weren’t up to the challenge.

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