Posted by: internationalroutier | May 28, 2010

Blogging Living History

Whilst doing research for this blog as well as the Blacktown show I came across several new (to me) blogs written by reenactors. Some of these in particular were extremely helpful and I am grateful people are recording and publishing their living history experiences for us all to enjoy and learn from.
I will keep adding new blogs as I find them to the links in the right hand column so don’t forget to cast your eye over there once in a while. But for today I will list them here too as there is such a swag to add.

My So-Called Pilgrim Life is a chronicle of daily life in the 1627 English village at Plimoth Plantation from both a modern and historical perspective. Lots of information on historical trades, crafts and food as well as a glimpse into the behind the scenes of running a living history venue.

Stumbling into Historic Cooking with lots of information on foods, ingredients and the culture surrounding food and eating through the ages. Lots of enlightening reports on experimenting with period recipes.

Medieval Cookery Blog “thoughts and recent discoveries about medieval European cooking, as well as tangentially related subjects like calendars, language, and culture”. Also related to the very useful Medieval Cookery website.
The Old Foodie a long running blog on historic menus, recipes and ingredients.
Cooking The Books ” the blog of the Tudor kitchens cookery project at Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, England. It’s not an official blog and only represents how I see the stuff we do…enjoy”



  1. Well done! Hampton Court is on my list of places to go see next time I’m in England (not long now). Am adding a couple of these to my RSS feeds now.

    • Lucky Sue! I love a woman who adopts the technology. Use your RSS feed option people, full of ethnic non specific efficiency 🙂

  2. I need to know. What are those two nasty men doing to that poor little birdy???

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