Posted by: internationalroutier | June 7, 2010

Wintercamp ’10 Preparations!

The countdown is on and preparations for Wintercamp ’10 are in full swing.
Thanks to Damo and Andy and an extra- curricular working bee the club has a splendid new table. More historically accurate set of legs combined with some truly elegant modern engineering to solve the perennial ‘transportable but stable’ issue. No sitting of cauldrons or frying pans on the table top please 🙂

I worked on my period pastry techniques a little (still needs bit of tweaking) and will be happy to show anyone interested how to make one of these…

Spike, Jacquie and myself have also been working on a commemorative songbooke for the occasion- includes several new songs as well as old favourites! We were lucky enough to uncover the original 17th century words to a well known song made famous by Kasey Chambers, the original arrangement and key that more suits the Routiers (the key of Rrrrrrr) has also been adopted by the Spooky Men’s Chorale in their version. Watch this clip, and the songebooke will teach you the freshly uncovered words on camp.



  1. Greetings, may i please buy a copy of the new songbook. I love reading my old one when I come across it amongst the books.
    Thank you for the superb blogs.

    i wish you well. rots’o’ruv rosie.

  2. Nice tension frame on the table, guys. The no cooking pots rule should extend to all the tables, it took hours to get the char marks out of ours from the last conference breakfast.

  3. Is the tension rope a permanent feature?

    • Yes, but I believe with a bee-yoo-tiful version of the twisty centre thingy (technical term you may be unfamiliar with).

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