Posted by: internationalroutier | June 15, 2010

Wintercamp 2010-part the first

Thank you to everyone who towed a trailer to bring gear for others, who came along with a song to teach or a tale to tell, who cooked a meal, who travelled enormous distances, who assisted in the kitchen, who designed and coloured in targets, who lifted firewood, who taught us new skills, who gave us some privacy with a beautiful new door in our spectacular outhouse (and painted same), who built up the cooking fire, who brought straw for others, who lent equipment that everyone could have a turn, who shared delicious treats they brought from home, who passed a bottle of something yummy, who lent clothing and footwear so that others would be warm, who donated pretty silver tokens to others in the dice games, who played music, who hid the farby gear (over and over), who shared resources and sources, who participated in competitions serious and silly, who brought extra seating, who picked up campsite trash the morning after, who offered tent spaces to visitors, who gave lifts, who hosted us all, who braved the weather to see what all the fuss was about.
What a mighty weekend.

The tales to tell will take a couple of posts, but I shall start with the results of the competitions. The long running Captayne’s Cup (musketry) was widely contested this year, needing 3 rounds of shooters to allow all entrants a turn. There were notable absences of Bill and Stephen and of course with so many visitors the field was wide open. Competition was fierce and resulted in a 3 way tie for second place- congratulations to Carolyn, Helmut and Damien who all finished with 4 points. Just ahead with one extra point was Ross who will be quite chuffed to be able to engrave the cup with his own name instead of ‘returned’ or ‘retained’, now that he is not Captayne.

The newer but no less fiercely fought Reverend’s Plate (archery) saw the period representation of the Divil well and truly trounced (after he had been coloured to within an inch of his life by the children). For the first time the Plate will be heading interstate as it was won by Bear of the Prince Rupert’s Bastards on 35 points. Quarf took out second place on 25 and Damien third on 22 (he thinks).

Maybe we shall have to have a couple of categories next year to accommodate the younger archers who enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The Reverend’s Eggcup anyone?
Less formal competitions of Pin the Tail on the Divil and Pin the Ribbon on the Fop, extremely popular on their first outing at Wintercamp, were won by Fiona and Erin respectively. The loser of those competitions was very nearly several people’s brekkie after some very enthusiastic spinning around while blindfolded.
A surprise winner of the impromptu Kegmeister title (invented as the beer tally sheet was added up for the reverse pay parade) was Helmut. Who allegedly doesn’t drink beer. Doesn’t drink beer to the tune of 37 pints. Pipped at the post by Ross who squandered one of his pints on the lovely Jackie taking his total to a near as dammit 36.



  1. I congratulate this blog and all who sail in her for the quality of the Winter Camp reportage.

    My own measly effort is over at:

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