Posted by: Wayne Robinson | June 16, 2010

Archery Results for the Reverend’s Plate

Wintercamp outriders reported rumours that the Divil was seen rising out of the ground in the abandoned dam near the old House of Office. We decided to use him as the target for the Reverend’s Plate this year and our archers rushed off to do the Lord’s work and fill his head with arrows. The state of his castanets is at this point unknown.

The Dam Divil

The Divil in the dam

Five points were awarded for striking the ancient adversary in the head, ten points for hitting his cold, black heart and one point for anywhere else on his body. Results are tabulated below.

Archer 1st end 2nd end 3rd end Total Place
Quarf 21 2 3 26 2
Damo 2 17 4 23 3
Erin* 1 0 0 1 =10
Carl 6 1 3 10 7
Ian 4 2 7 13 =4
Bear 12 5 16 33 1
Glenda 5 2 1 8 8
Spike 0 0 1 1 =10
Daniel 5 5 3 13 =4
Gordon* 1 0 11 12 6
Captayne Brew 1 1 2 4 9
James* 0 0 0 0 =12
Fiona* 0 0 0 0 =12

* denotes junior competitor

Quarf doing the Lord's work

Quarf doing some righteous smiting

Remains of the Divil were last seen being consumed by fire as true to form, Bear would only eat a small part while complaining about the taste of Sulphur.

The Reverend presenting the Plate to Bear

The presentation in the frosty morning

For those who haven’t seen it, the Reverend’s Pate glows with a patinated lustre, but no doubt would shine brightly if anyone were to fool enough to polish it. Inscribed around the edge are the years and names of previous winners. The object is of some age and like the Reverend, contains a not insignificant quantity of lead, making both unsuitable for serving food. The plate will be engraved and held in the company’s trophy cabinet on Bear’s behalf.

Interestingly, the law requiring men to practice archery on Sunday appears not to have been repealed1 as everyone had assumed. The parish of Collingbourne Ducis is now enforcing the statute and meeting their side of the obligation by feeding the archers. In a further twist, they are doing it to celebrate the opening of a new loo.

1 Possibly indicating a flaw in Statute Law Revision Act (26 & 27 Vict. c.125) or the Betting and Gaming Act (1960 c.60), which were both introduced to remove a whole range of obsolete laws including the act requiring archery, 3 Hen. VIII.c.3. Possibly they missed one of the reissues of the act under Henry (33 Hen. VIII. c. 9.), Edward I (12 Ed. IV, 13 Ed. I), Elizabeth I (13 Eliz. c. 14.), or Charles I (State Papers, Dom. vol. clxxxiii (1631) and State Papers, Dom. vol. ccclxi (1637)). A more likely explanation is poor journalism (and therefore a sub-editorial problem) with mis-quotes and not checking references and the good Reverend of Collingbourne Ducis is having a lark with an extinct piece of legislation, much as we do with the various London militia acts of the 1640s.



  1. “For those who haven’t seen it, the Reverend’s Pate glows with a patinated lustre, but no doubt would shine brightly if anyone were to fool enough to polish it. ” Best spelling error ever:)

  2. That’s no spelling error, check the competition report from previous years.

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