Posted by: internationalroutier | July 5, 2010

Wintercamp- the next bit

Sorry for the delay! Here are the much awaited Wintercamp photos and report.

It was such a huge weekend and unlike some previous Wintercamps with a more relaxed feel, a really action packed schedule which added to everyone’s enjoyment. We did so want our guests to have a good time!
A parade every morning got things off to a flying start, gave the kitchen the daily slaves (though Keith found out it is nice in the kitchen; and there is cake), got drill underway and outlined the day’s activities.
The oversized prints that Spike organised kept the kids colouring and then became targets for archery and shooting and a dizzying game of Pin the Ribbon on the Fop. All excellent fun. Several games of Pell Mell were enjoyed (the early morning one not universally enjoyed 🙂 ) with the ‘children’ (they are rapidly outgrowing this tag) playing until it was so dark it was not only impossible to see the ball, but near as impossible to see the actual players.
Quarf led an excellent sabre technique workshop, that was very well attended and should serve as inspiration for others who may have a skill/technique/old war wound they would be prepared to share.
Once again the separate cooking fire made life much more manageable for the cookies *insert subliminal message ~~bread oven~~mmmm~~bread~~so much oveny goodness~~*
It was cold. Very cold. -5°C overnight Sat night we were reliably told but the landholders. See photo of Wayne’s ice bucket and frozen coits. The days were so glorious though it didn’t seem too bad. Maybe the monstrous fire had just a little to do with it. We still need to manage the fresh produce a little better in these temps, it seems such a shame to see beautiful veg freeze. Although the basket display of veg is bee-yoo-tiful, they would probably be better of in the small cheskie (which sat empty all weekend anyway). Bread rations were generous as the loaves were so huge. No spider monkey sized loaves here, these were serious gorilla breads. A few communication issues nearly saw the rations go awry a little- time to produce a master checklist perhaps and have one KitchenBitch in ‘charge’ of each event to make sure nothing gets left off.
Also absolutely most importantly, Damien finished the loo. We have a splendid new door (that was put at risk at one stage with some ill advised rough housing but stood up to the task thank goodness), enclosed gables and a spanking new coat of paint. Having the loo is a wonderous thing. I am forever grateful as I am not sure I was up for much more of the 5 mile trek to the dunny can.
Did I mention I love the loo?


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