Posted by: internationalroutier | August 13, 2010

Reenactment Clutter

O.M.G I am turning this into one of those blogs. No, not really but looking down the barrel of another Saturday wrestling with the exploded reenactment gear and trying to get it stay neat I am turning to you. How do you keep your gear organised/accessible/from taking over the house? Am I chasing the impossible dream? What are your hints for before/after an event to reduce the chaos?
Is the only way to do this hobby without a separate room devoted to gear to become a “1 outfit and bedroll, will travel” kind of reenactor? I resist doing this because I think it means you miss out on so many of the small luxuries that make events enjoyable and interesting; but I am sorely tempted.

The Sealed Knot; Garage door closing Drill



  1. I’m afraid I am currently the wrong person to ask. Anywhere in the house that is currently unused by modern stuff is either a place for reenactment gear or where the fabric stash hides. One of our two car garages is full of boxes, the trailer and assorted stuff, the other is a workshop.

    However, our dream house (one day – close to public transport, medium flat block with a bit of a view, with mostly solar power and rain water and an environmentally suitable design, as well as a backyard accesible by a car – yes, I’m asking a lot) will have a granny flat, which will be for all our varied period reenactment gear, all stored in the boxes suitable for their period, so we can just drive the car and trailer up and load what we need.

    Aah – dreams!

  2. […] historical reenactment) about what it is that makes this hobby attractive. After all you know the clutter drives me spare and sometimes when explaining this ol’ hobby you do come off sounding like a […]

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