Posted by: internationalroutier | September 8, 2010

Why the hell…

I have been thinking recently (after explaining to a friend about why I did historical reenactment) about what it is that makes this hobby attractive. After all you know the clutter drives me spare and sometimes when explaining this ol’ hobby you do come off sounding like a frootloop.
So to that effect I wish to throw it open to your dear readers; What are the truly great moments in your reenactment career? What do all the great events have in common? And on the dark side of the moon what is it that spoils your reenactment experience?

Is it a food fest that floats your boat?

Is it researching and building/sewing/cooking ye olde stuffe?

Wine and dice and good times?

Public shows?

That inescapable military feel?

The bang?

What is it for you? The good, the bad and the interpretive dance – tell me all! Inquiring minds wish to know!



  1. I do not do public displays anymore, our group’s 18th century (1680-1760) activities all take place in private in Wychwood Forest.
    For me I think the period is just primitive enough to be very interesting, but not too primitive to make things hard and uncomfortable.
    I enjoy the variety of skills available to us (New World), from the native primitive skills to the period living skills. I enjoy everything about this period, the clothing and the equipment. Historical Trekking in this period gives me a strong sense of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. I really don’t think I can name just any one thing that attracts me to this period, I just love it all.

  2. Therapy. Making things keeps me sane, and at the same time gives my obsessive attention to detail an outlet – pike armour river patterns, chest handle survey or any of my leatherworking articles. If I wasn’t a re-enactor, I’d probably be up at the local railway museum mending carriages and going crook about how the new rivets they just put in the 35 class loco tender are 3/64″ too small. Don’t get me started on the welded abomination they tow around behind 3801.

  3. Those of you without the obsessive attention to detail may not have a problem with the word being river rather than rivet. Laugh if you wish.

  4. It’s a bit of all of the above, but the people are a big one. Some events you get a what I call a History buzz.
    The OCD thing would make me a fan boy, less hard work and I know a few already.

    • I like that buzz too. At all the really great events I take a moment to step away from the crowd and to look back at everybody from the darkness (OMG stalker much?). It is quite easy to imagine yourself somewhere long, long ago in a galaxy remarkably like this one.
      I love performing the simple tasks of chopping veg etc together out on camp somewhere, especially when the prep is all schmick and there is not a plastic abomination in sight. (The smoke in your eyes, not so much)

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