Posted by: internationalroutier | October 31, 2010

The Feast of October!

It is hard to choose between farce, frivolity or foreign food as my fave aspect of the evening. The welcome sign promised all three and the night was not found wanting. All were of an exceptionally high standard as is so often the case at a Routier Gathering.

The wurst was the best, the kraut zingy with juniper, the kartofflen chilled and dilled to perfection. D’Amage found out the hommous was indeed mustard and the yogurt dip in fact horseradish, but his sinuses have never been clearer. There was an elephant sufficiency and the Cookies are to be applauded and thanked from the bottom of our tummies.

The cup of the farce runneth over. It was evident in the conversation which ranged over a multitude of topics from the fate of Madame Mao to the existence of Phoenician slipways in Darwin. It rose up as Sue and Louise bounced upon the knee of a mysterious gentleman whose octopoid parentage must surely be considered confirmed.

The farce continued with he introduction of a new (to us) game. The lovely Jacqui toffeed apples in honour of Halloween and strung them in preparation for the ‘biting swinging toffee apple game’- not the catchiest of names admittedly but descriptive in a germanic kind of way that fit the evening. With hands behind the back Fiona, Gordon, Louise and Damien lined up under Gamesmaster Spike’s watchful eye.

Louise (moi!) was declared the winner but did make use of some fairly unscrupulous tactics of swinging the apple into Damien’s shoulder to hold it still.

The 3 and 5 (!) legged races were abandoned due to the darkness and the fact that tying legs together to induce instability just seemed a little redundant at this point. I look forward to them appearing earlier in an evening program in the near future.

The major frivolity of the night ended up being the act of trying to win your money back from D’Amage at the gaming table. The horseradish and mustard had cleared his sinuses so well he was operating on another plane all together. He was at one with the dice and cup and even though he did he his best to feed the pot to keep things interesting “Now, we are playing for lunch money!”, he kept winning the bleeding lot back. Lunches this week at D’Amages should be quite the event.

A triumph again; October seen out in excellent (and once again very humid) style. Many thanks to all (a smaller number this year than in year’s past) who helped organise, cook, erect canopy and clean up.



  1. Excellent, we must organise more of this type of event for our group.
    As a kid we always had apple bobbing (apples floating in a pail of water) and apples on a string at parties etc.
    Good post.

  2. Excellent, looks like a good time was had by all. This post encourages me to add more events of this type to our group calender.
    Good post.
    Thank you.
    A Woodsrunner’s Diary.

    • This has always been a fun event for our group. We often have a visitor or 2 in borrowed gear, an easy way for them to get a taste of reenactment and always fun to have a fresh face. Because we have modern kitchen facilities available for this one we can put the emphasis on games, dancing (though not this year) and food and we give the military drill and hard(er) yakka a rest for the year. After this point it really is getting a bit too warm to don the woolly clothes so it is often the last costumed event of the season.
      The apple ‘bobbing’ was fun and it is always fun to incorporate these small activities into an event…even the kids like them 🙂

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