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Soldier’s Council Hansard

By popular demand, here is offered for your enjoyment the Soldier’s Council Minutes for Sept ’10. Rev, you outdid yourself. This is not the way to get out of taking the minutes. I applaud your trying of a different tack; obviously no one was hearing your “but I am deaf” pleas, but I doubt this is the way to be excused. Absolute gold.

Please note; Not to be confused with the Minutes for the Meeting of the Reserve Bank which ominously occurs on the same day.


The house sat at precisely 7:30pm with Hon. The President taking the Chair.

Attending: The Treasurer, The Minister for Automotive Affairs, The Minister for Health Administration, The President, The Minister for Public Offices (recorder).

Apologies: The Secretary and Minister for White Coats, The Minister for Primate Education, The Minister for Cupcakes and the Media, The Minister for Maritime History, The Minister for Concordia, The Minister for the Arts and Magnus Services, The Minister for International Women of Mystery, The Minister for Staying in the Shire and The Minister for Getting Lost in Scotland.

In honour of today’s momentous happenings in Canberra, parliamentary rules were adopted for the night.
In the absence of previous meetings’ minutes and therefore dates and action items, a moment’s silence was held.

Mr President, the treasury is pleased to report that the house still aren’t broke. The department advises that the repairs to the trailer racks are paid for, The Minister for Omens and Mini-trucks is yet to provide his department’s costings for the edifice in the seat of Tuson. The treasury is holding $****.** plus cash from Wintercamp, less indeterminate monies owing to the Ministry for Omens. It is resolved that these questions will be resolved before the next sitting of the house.

[If the recorder may be so presumptuous, the Minister’s speech sounded like it had been phoned in.]
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[Hon. The President stepped down from the chair to deliver his speech. Honourable Minister for Public Offices took the chair]
Mr The Chair, my administration seeks to redraw the calendar, to address inconsistencies and lead to a bright, new future taking the Routiers forward. The German Clubbe’s Oktoberfest is on at the Concordia Clubbe on 25 September. Taminick is on, see John H’s email recently circulated by the Honourable Member, please provide attendance intentions to Hon. The Minister for Automotive Affairs. Oktoberfest is at Fortress Routier again this year.
There is no time for March or Dye this year, therefore all intending participants are presumed to have died. The marching will rescheduled for Autumn 2011.
[Hon. The President resumed the chair. The Secretary’s and Minister for Public Offices’ speeches will be held over until the next sitting day.]


Hon The President: Can Hon The Minister for Public Offices please illuminate the house on any correspondence received since the house last sat?
Hon The Minister for Public Offices: I thank the President for his question. Mr President, a missive has been received from the NSW Department of Fair Trading and the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing advising my department of a series of seminars regarding changes to the Associations Incorporation Act (NSW) 2010 and miscellaneous fundraising clauses of the Charitable Fundraising Act (NSW) 1991. A member of my staff will be detailed to attend one of the sessions and a report will be made back to this house.
Mr President, further to that, the Justice Policy division of the Victorian Department of Justice has sent an advisory to my department regarding amendments to the Control of Weapons Act (Vic) 1990 by means of the Control of Weapons Amendment Bill (Vic) 2010 and the Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Bill (Vic) 2010. It is the opinion of my department that the amendments to the knife clauses in the Control of Weapons Act (Vic) 1990 will bring that state in line with the provisions of NSW knife legislation. I am advised that Governor in Council exemptions to the Victorian Sword legislation currently enjoyed by our members will continue although conditions may be added to create an withholding period for new applicants of a period of up to six months. My department also informs me that the amendments in the Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Bill (Vic) 2010 dealing with Imitation Firearms, moving them from the Firearms Act (Vic) 1996 to the Control of Weapons Act (Vic)1990 are the exact reverse of those recently enacted in the state of NSW. If the house will recall, during our July session I tabled the Weapons and Firearms Legislation Amendment Act (NSW) 2010 that moved Imitation Firearms from the aegis of the Weapons Prohibition Act (NSW) 1998 to the Firearms Act (NSW)1996. Copies of this advisory have been made and sent to those ministers with seats in Victoria for their edification and reading pleasure.
Hon The President: I thank the minister for his erudition. The Minister for Public Offices will please resume his seat.

Hon The President: Can Hon The Minister for Automotive Affairs please instruct the house on the state of the trailer?
Hon The Minister for Automotive Affairs: I thank the President for his question. Mr President, the welds on the pike rack braces have been repaired. It is the intention of the caucus that the wheel lock be replaced with a towing hitch lock. Appropriation bills have been prepared and will be presented to the Treasury.
Hon The Minister for Public Offices: Mr President, can the house be informed on the state of the musketeers’ balls?
Hon The Minister for Automotive Affairs: I thank the Minister for his question. Mr President, the Musketeers’ balls are low. The previous Member for Amputated Digits has offered to assist my department in manufacturing new ones.
Hon The President: Can Hon The Minister for Public Offices please advise the house on the state of negotiations regarding the training of our militia force with the local government for the Blue Mountains?
Hon The Minister for Public Offices: I thank the President for his question. Mr President, the arms of local government move slowly and often know not what the other arm does.
Hon The President: I ask a supplementary question. Get to the point, man. Can we have a pike-only drill in November?
Interjection by Hon The Treasurer: Mr President, can we not by-pass the arm of local government and make use of the military field utilised by the NSW Marine Corps at Emu Plains, followed by a meal at the local Irish Establishment?
Hon The Minister for Public Offices: I thank Hon the Treasurer for her question. Mr President, I will take that as a question on notice although I fear the Irish question may take some settling.
House: [Generalised grumbling and dissent on whether the Irish question meant Guinness, Kilkenny or Magners?]
Hon The President: ORDER! I name The Minister for Public Offices. The Minister for Public Offices will put down that flame and will resume his seat.
Hon The President: The Christmas Party is on 11 December 2010. Does the house have any suggestions for the venue?
Hon The Treasurer: I thank the President for his question. Mr President, I propose the house convene for the Christmas party at the Spanish Restaurant in Glebe Point Road where we celebrated the beheading of Queen Anne Boleyn back in 1536. The members there present agreed to reconvene at some mutually agreed time for a Christmas Party.
Hon The President: In the absence of other suggestions, or indeed, members, I ask the house to take this as question on notice.

There being no further business, the house rose at 8:10pm.


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