Posted by: internationalroutier | November 28, 2010

Battlefield Archaeology Conference

Notification from Stephen Gapps about an upcoming conference. You have only days left to get your paper proposal in if you wish to be up the front of the hall. Alternatively would be a cracking waistcoats outing!

The Brandenburg State Office for the Preservation of Monuments and
Archaeological Museum (BLDAM) organises a conference from the 21st to
the 24th of November 2011 with the title “Battlefield and mass grave
–a range of interdisciplinary analyses of places of violence”

The initial point for this conference is the recovering of a mass
grave with about 120 soldiers in the middle of the thirty years war’s
battlefield of Wittstock 1636 in spring 2007. The huge number of
buried soldiers, the accurately archaeological and anthropological
recording and the entire recovery of all skeletons and single bones
are the backbone of its exceptional role in mass grave archaeology. A
working group of archaeologists, anthropologists, paleopathologists,
archeometrists, historians, geoscientists, experts in ballistic and
weaponry was involved in the analysis of these extraordinary findings.
This interdisciplinary research provided on top of the reconstruction
of the order of events on the battlefield a look on those battle days
from the view point of an “ordinary soldier” that has been neglected
in the records very often so far.

This special exhibition “1636 – their last battle” can be visited from
September 2011 to April 2012 in the Brandenburg State Archaeological
Museum in the former Monastery of St. Paul in the town of Brandenburg

We invite scientists from all research areas who study places of
violence to present a paper (30 minutes + discussion). The results can
be presented as a poster as well. The subject of the conference is not
exclusively restricted to the early modern period but may encompass
other periods and events too. Contributions with an interdisciplinary
paradigm are mostly welcome.

The conference will be held in the Brandenburg State Archaeological
Museum town of Brandenburg upon Havel. The conference languages are
English and German. Additionally, we are planning to offer an
excursion to the Wittstock battlefield and the Museum of the Thirty
Years War on the 24/11/2011.

The deadline for the announcement of papers will be the 01/12/2010.
Please, send your proposals including titles and abstracts (approx.
250 words) to The Papers will be published afterwards in the series of
the Brandenburg State Office for the Preservation of Monuments and
Archaeological Museum (BLDAM).

Anja Grothe M.A.
Brandenburgisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege
und Archäologisches Landesmuseum
Wünsdorfer Platz 4-5
15806 Zossen
Brandenburg – Germany
fon +49 (0) 33702 – 7 18 25
mobil +49 (0) 172 – 395 85 21
Visit the website here


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