Posted by: Wayne Robinson | February 3, 2011

Quote of the daye

Sack Bottle 1642

Sacke is the life, soul and spirit of a man, the fire which Prometheus stole, not from Jove’s kitchen, but his wine-cellar, to encrease the native heat and radicall moisture, without which we are but drousie dust or dead clay. This is nectar, the very Nepenthe the Gods were drunk with: ’tis this that gave Gannymede beauty, Hebe youth, to Jove his heaven and eternity. Doe you thinke Aristotle drank perry? or Plato Cyder? Doe you think Alexander had ever conquered the world if he had bin sober? He knew the force and value of Sacke; that it was the best armour, the best encouragement, and that none could be a Commander that was not double drunk with wine and ambition.”

-Thomas Randolph: Aristippus, the Jovial Philosopher, 1630.



  1. I have no reason to love Sack, for it made me twice a Rat in Woodstreet Counter-trap: besides where other wines have scarce strength to make me drunke (as I may take them) Sack hath the power to make me mad, which makes me leave it.

    Historie of the most part of drinks, in use now in the kingdomes of Great Brittaine and Ireland, 1637

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