Posted by: Wayne Robinson | March 9, 2011

Quote of the Daye – Ale


First then, it is a singular remedy against all melancholick diseases, Tremor cordis, and Maladies of the spleene. It is purgative and of great operation against all gripings of the small guts. It cures the stone in the Bladder, or Kidneyes, and provokes Urine wonderfully. It mollifies Tumors and swellings in the body, and is very predominant in opening the obstructions of the Liver. It is most effectuall for clearing of the sight, being applied outwardly. It asswageth the unsufferable paine of the Gowt.  Ale was famous amongst the Trojans, Brittaines, Romans, Saxons, Danes, Normans, English men, Welsh, besides in Scotland, from the highest and Noblest Palace to the poorest or meanest Cottage. Ale is universall, and for Vertue it stands allowable with the best receipts of the most Antientest Physitians.  Ale is rightly called Nappy, for it will set a nap upon a mans thred bare eyes when he is sleepy. It is called Merry-goe-downe, for it slides downe merrily.  It is such a nourisher of Mankinde, that if my mouth were as bigge as Bishopsgate, my Pen as long as a Maypole, and my Inke a flowing spring, or a standing fishpond, yet I could not with Mouth, Pen, or Inke, speake or write the true worth and worthinesse of Ale.

Historie of the most part of drinks, in use now in the kingdomes of Great Brittaine and Ireland, John Taylor1637


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