Posted by: internationalroutier | April 30, 2011

Rowany Pics

courtesy of Vic

See that cabinet loitering up the back there? The fretwork is lined behind with linen and this is where the cheese/butter etc is stored. Look Mum, no ice!

See the barrels? Full of delicious beer. The full size barrel with the water was to the side of the kitchen tent (bottom right of shot).



  1. It is perhaps worth pointing out that Abbotsford transport their entire site (except their fire bricks, which they store on site) from Melbourne in a big truck.

    We all stood around discussing which items we’d like first…I think I remember a separate kitchen tent being priority, closely followed by the awesome fire setup seen above (note captayne checking it out), a fly-proof cabinet for the cold-store stuff (also above – forget its name), and then a feasting tent with resident table. That was cool. In the meantime the grand canopy with its flaps is an excellent feasting place, and will be more so with a dedicated kitchen elsewhere.

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