Posted by: Wayne Robinson | May 31, 2011

Civilian tents, 1636


Image from 1636 depicting the Cotswold Games first held in 1612. Robert Dover, founder of the games, is on horseback, carrying a wand. The castle with the cannon is made from canvas painted to look like stone.

These tents are in a civil context, the hill is above Chipping Campden in the Cotswolds.

Dovers Hill
Dover’s Hill on a sunny day in 2006

The event has continued and is still held today – but guys, the woodcut shows a Tudor form of wrestling, not shin-hacking.



  1. Very interesting, thank you. I wish we could have something like that here.

    • The photo below the woodcut was meant to give an indication of how accurate the woodcut was. The castle with the starting gun was on the crest, and the slight rise to the centre right is where the chap in the woodcut is leaping.

  2. […] drink are two areas that we’ve really just started to try. We know they sometimes stayed in tents, we know they had picnics and on occasion had a lovely time dressing up in shiny tin and marching […]

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