Posted by: internationalroutier | July 19, 2011

Blacktown Fayre ’11

Ok, so it was a small lifetime ago. Ok, so I should have blogged about it earlier. But in the scheme of things and considering we are reenacting lifestyles of 400 years ago, couple months late is nothing really.
On on.

We had a different spot than last year, requested in an effort to make our display a little more accessible. Last year the steepish, shortish slope proved a bit of a barrier for some people. This time we were over on the other side of the lake, still backing onto the water and still with slopes- but really that is an issue no matter what site you have there. The food stalls are on flat ground but that is about it. We were also considerably removed from the main action, and on Saturday especially a decrease in visitor numbers to our particular display was noted. Sunday morning we rejigged the set up a little; created more of a flow through path rather than a ‘bounce around the edges’ display. We used the bunting and some increased signage to lure people from the pathway down to our encampment, as well as placing the children’s dress ups outside the canopy and the changes certainly paid off.

We had lots and lots of people through on the Sunday and after all, that is kind of the point of the exercise. If we aren’t talking to and interacting with the general public then there is not a lot of point being there. I know I would much rather be busy at these events, makes the day a lot more interesting.

On Sunday morning we were given the opportunity by the organisers to move camp next year as they had recognised the lack of visitors on the Sat too. They were very complimentary about our encampment and wanted us to receive the attention that they knew the effort put into the display deserved. The site offered puts us more in the thick of things and Sun morn we were very enthusiastic about it. By Sun arvo and upoon reflection I am a little more circumspect. We did make that site work well on the Sunday, and we didn’t have to risk being near loudspeakers to do so. We shall have to think carefully about moving methinks. Youthinks?

Other thing to note is that next year we should shout ourselves lunch in the camp. Standing in the lines for the food trucks is not the best use of our time. Display picnicking roolz.
And more flags. 1642 flag making working bee anyone?



  1. Good effort, well done.
    I have posted this on my blog.
    Regards, Keith.
    A Woodsrunner’s Diary.

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