Posted by: internationalroutier | October 29, 2011

The 3 Musketeers- the 2011 version.

Oh my, the critics that have been to see this movie have drunk deep at the well of Haterade before letting loose on the blogoshere. Scathing. Dripping with vitriol about unauthenticity, pantomime-esque acting, shiny new costuming and…airships! Don’t get them started on the airships!
We knew we had to go see it quickly if we wanted to see it on the big screen, it may not last all that long. In the interest of full disclosure and all that, we paid for ourselves 🙂 We chose to see the 2D version, I find those plastic glasses clunky and annoying and I often end up a little queasy from the 3D effects that don’t seem to add enough to either plot or spectacle to warrant the discomfort IMHO.

Anyway, on with the movie.

Yes, it takes a little while to get going, and yes, some of the sets are often very obviously movie sets, and yes the director is married to Mila Jovovich so her character ends up with a lot of screen time (this is not something I thought I’d be hearing that many complaints about really!). But, if you can recognise that The Princess Bride is not authentically documenting medieval Britain and can instead just go along for the ride then I’m not sure why you couldn’t settle down with your popcorn and enjoy this movie. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is no Princess Bride. But, there are enough gags to keep you laughing peiodically, enough pretty scenery and costuming to look at (see above Mila Jovovich comment), enough nods to the original tale to keep the Dumas geeks happy (Milady still falls, just not from a cliff this time), and enough fight scenes to keep the buckles well swashed. Blessedly, none of that up close and shaky cam technique that is used in so many other movie fight scenes. Slightly related rant ahead…I think they do that shaky thing to make you feel like you are in the middle of the action- just makes me nauseated and unable to follow who is fighting whom. Instead there is a lot of Crouching Tiger/Hidden Matrix style work going on in the fight scenes and we have seen that before but is that really so terrible?

Plus, if you have a family or nieces or nephews you would like to take to the flicks I think anyone over about 8 or 9 could enjoy this, though it does have a PG13 rating. There is no bad language, no blood and guts, no bare boobs or other naughty bits (though plenty cleavage action so don’t be too disheartened), no smutty inuendos or sex scenes. Now, I realise right there I have just turned a lot of you off but if ever you have tried to find a movie that is suitable for a range of ages and interests you will appreciate what I am saying. And there is eye candy for just about every 13+ member of the family as well. Bonus.

And by the way, the airships rocked.


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