Posted by: internationalroutier | December 31, 2011

Christmas Party Pics

The New Blue Sue wishes you Merry Christmas!

This Christmas the Routiers turned 1642 on it’s head and partied like it was 2461! As per the invite we came as our best steam punked, dirigible riding, space aged, comic booked selves.
There was, as is becoming an ezy clean and delicious tradition, a keg of (this time a mystery flavour) beer, Sausages, Grande Sallets, wheels of cheese as big as your head and the poshest Pilau in the ‘verse as prepared by Ms Menyhart. There was even a cake stall, which is heckled in the theory and fallen upon with gusto in the practical. Many thanks to all who contributed to a delicious meal providing yet another elephant sufficiency. Also thanks to all financial members and those who contributed to $$ earning shows during the year which allowed such a fest to be supplied at a hugely discounted price. Please note, this is unlikely to happen every year 🙂 but it was felt it was an excellent way to end a kind of quietish year with a bang.
Speeches were made, as is also traditional and many toasts were drunk. In no particular order- a New Blue Sue for new pres; God, King and Parliament (as required by the by-laws); Hardy, the best turtle in the world; Andy as outgoing Pres for services to the Club ; the beermaker and I am sure there were many more.
Also on the night was the much anticipated awarding of the Routier of the Year. This award is decided amongst the committee and when we opened deliberations it became immediately apparent that we were sharing a brain and were in complete agreement as to the recipient for 2011! Usually the Mug is awarded for lots of entusiastic drilling, camping, building of fabulous personal or club gear, organising of spectacular soirees- that kind of guff. This year however, one amongst us had rallied many of the rest of us to help one of our own in a time of great need (still following?). The enthusiasm and selflessness with which this was undertaken was inspirational. And for these reasons the 2011 ROTY is of course, the mighty Spike. This catapaults Spike in to the ROTY double trouble club for multiple winners and at the moment stands as the first and latest winner of the award. Congratulations Spike (sorry about the mug still tasting like Brasso).
Special mention should also be made of the lovely Monica celebrating her 21st birthday on the day, and the many wonderful visitors on the day to help make the party such a success especially Elaine and her gorgeous girls as well as fresh meat Bill and Allie.
Gracious thanks to the Menyharts for providing such an amazing venue and my sincere apologies to anyone who needs thanking that I have forgotten! Please remind me if you remember so I can make amends.
Click on the pics to get a close up squiz of all the fun of the fair and Happy New Year!



  1. Awww, my tails didn’t make it to the blog. 😦 What a fun day though.

    • If you have a photo to include, pls do send! I was, (thankfully negatively) tested for whooping cough the next day, so was a little under strength that day.

  2. Always a little disturbing to see people one has only ever seen in living history gear for almost 20 years dressed in (almost) normal clothes.

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