Posted by: internationalroutier | January 17, 2012

“Historically Speaking”, a reenactor’s blog

I don’t often write a post just to spruik another blog, though I do try provide handy dandy links down the right hand side of the page to many that I think may be of interest (hint hint). I will make an exception today though and point you in the direction of a great post “Things I Wish Reenactors Would Stop/Start Doing”. The discussion that follows in the comments is also interesting.
The blog itself concentrates on the experiences reenactors have rather than of reenactors from a specific period. It is hosting discussions of many of the topics I thought and hoped I would have seen addressed at Conference (honest, this is not a Con bashing post) but for a variety of reasons, aren’t.

If anyone else has a blog/website reccommendation they think I should include in our liks, please let me know. Share the knowledge!!



  1. Good post, I will check it out.
    Thank you.
    Regards, Keith.
    PS. You can include: A Woodsrunner’s Diary blog. An excellent living history blog if I do say so myself!

  2. It’s already there, Keith! (see “Living History”)

  3. This is an excellent blog that encapsulates all the conundrums of reenactment/living history that people have been waxing lyrical about for 30 odd years. It is long, but amazing reading in that every single one of the ‘issues’ reenactors bang on about appears (except, perhaps surprisingly footwear). Bookmark it.
    There should perhaps be a warning for the few fat and over 40 year olds among us.

    • I was surprised to see the glasses on the list but not shoes as well. I did like the pairing of every point with a positive though and felt that made it particularly noteworthy.

  4. in regarding the ‘do your own impression and to hell with what other people think’ idea that the blog espoused
    does the pike and musket society have a subgroup of guys who are focussed on the renaissance period pike and shot era of the 1500’s of tudor times (i.e spanish tericos, swiss pikemen, landscknects, gendarms and wheellock pistoliers)
    i in particular am drawn to taking on the persona of a zweihander weilding landscknect. (a major hindrance to that idea is that i cant sew to save my life so making puffed and slashed clothing would be difficult

    if i, in future, (since i have problems finding time and money to continue in my post in the sydney NVG as it is right now) was to ask to join, but possessed the gear and kit of a swiss pikeman or german landscknect
    how could i be able to maybe still be able to use that kit, and not be inconguous to the aims of the society

    • Sorry for the slow reply, I did a quick check around to make sure I was saying The Right Stuffe (TM). At this point we do not have anyone doing an impression that early (though I do believe some mebers may have gear still stashed away from earlier reenactment incarnations); and for the purposes of our major public displays it wouldn’t be compatible. But! Don’t let that put you off; others may well be interested from within or without our ranks. And at other private events (eg, our version of Oktoberfest for instance) it may well fit in. What do you do at the moment?

      • I should also make it more clear where i stand in terms of reenacting experience, im fairly new to reenacting, i started april last year.

        this landsknecht is idea is more a long term idea possibility, but not something ill be Looking into with the intent to actually make a kit until a little further into the future

        But right now im a probationary member of the NVG miklagard which is my very first group, the kit im working on is a 10th century varangian rus with round shield, sword, danish axe etc

        (I learned as well that Andrew, Christopher, Rick and Chris are apparently part of routiers as well)

      • (editors note: Comment edited just to remove surnames, just to be on safe side)

        All thoroughly decent blokes and excellent sources of info, enthusiasm and vodka. See you ’round the traps!

  5. woops, sorry,

    and yes they are, although as im sure youve probably seen andy and quarfs sabre fighting before.
    you can imagine how terrifying those guys are to a complete novice at sword and shield fighting like myself.

    i hope to see you guys one day. and who knows maybe ill abandon the ren period, and instead look for a place to crack some roundheads and ironsides one day. 😛

    • NVG are usually involved in the Blacktown Medieval Fayre (as are we) in May so maybe paths will cross then. Please introduce yourself at any opportunity!

      • i would love to, alas however my honours thesis will be due for handing in on the1st of june so i very much doubt id have time to to all the way to blacktown for even one day of the event, unfortnately.

      • Raincheck. Good luck.

  6. i havent seen a musketry demonstration since i went to the ballarat in 2005 ish as a kid.
    so it would have been exciting to get a better look at another one

    p.s id like to ask, in regards to my initial queston about the landsknechts though.. do yo know of any groups around sydney who might have a bit of renaissance focus?

    but again, thank you for extending the offer.

    • Don’t know any offhand. Have you checked out ARLHO?

      • only the ALHF thatll be my next destination.

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