Posted by: internationalroutier | February 8, 2012

Count me in!- trailer inventory bee

On a rare fine day of the summer, why don’t you…
1) Empty the trailer
2) Look at the stuff
3) Chuck some stuff, clean some stuff, fix some stuff, list some stuff we don’t have
4) Put it all back into the trailer

Tell me that doesn’t sound like a top day out!

Thank goodness our wise new president added a step 5) Lunch & Beers!

I think Ross has a mouthful of brown sauce at this point.

One of the main objectives of the day was to look at items we may have accrued over the years that are either no longer fit for purpose or that are not consistent with the latest in 17thC artefact research. Some things squeak above the yellow line by virtue of their handiness rather than their accuracy.

Exhibit #1
Very handy, not very period.

Some things are handy, but not period in their design and a more accurate version is desirable (and relatively easy).

Exhibit #2
Need to increase accuracy by replacing cork stoppers with wood.

Some things lose points (please note dear all on the interwebs, the word is ‘lose’ not ‘loose’) for design innacuracies but are saved by period construction materials and the ability to stack neatly in the trailer.

Exhibit #3
Anything that stacks is likely to stay.

Some things were just too grotty/non period or unnecessary to survive the day.
Exhibit #4
The naughty corner.

Some things defy description.
Exhibit #5
The very naughty corner, aka too hard basket.

If there are any coopers out there wanting a gig…

Great lists were listed, wishes wished and notes noted. Stay tuned to a Soldier’s Council meeting near you for full reports.

Please insert your own joke about having wood.



  1. That last photo is showing how well under-way our preparations are for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

  2. Or the Vampyre Catastrophe.

  3. Given who was in attendance that day, I thought it rude to point.

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