Posted by: internationalroutier | March 20, 2012

Invasion of Newcastle- now with added words!

Didn’t we have a lovely day…
The day dawned much clearer than the previous Invasion. We made our way in a leisurely fashion to Hornsby station and hooked up with Blue Sue and Spike, the Reverend and Mrs the Reverend. Spike had obtained some artery hardening second breakfast in the form of hot chips, with barely-less-than-solid fat. This was duly passed around.

Imagine our horror when it became known that Helmut the German, that Invasion Stalwart, was not joining us this time! No Special Coffee or physically impossible amounts of Middle Eastern Pastries!!! Fortunately the president had rallied and done her best to make “yuppy coffee” despite Spike’s intervention, and did a pretty phenomenal job at the near impossible task of living up to Helmut.

The dear feller’s company sadly missed, we set about playing a game of debate – one of Spike’s card games (photos of which you will see below). This seemed to me to go on all the way to Newcastle!

However, at Gosford we were met by Lee, who had sacrificed his morning in bed to head south and accompany us back to his home town. At this point we played the game at which we are now so expert…juggling hot cups of “coffee” , thermoses, pastries, cakes and fruit.

Upon arrival at Newcastle we sauntered over to the Wharf and met Buffalo Bill, his missus and their various progeny. Magnus set to with a 3D game of Angry Birds with young Evan and apart from eating and wearing vast amounts of tomato sauce with some fish and chips, nothing much else happened down the kids end of the table.

At the river end of the table, we drank pint after pint of ginger beer (which was back on tap – hooray – though there seemed to be a pint glass shortage) until we were deemed liquid enough to have a meeting, which we did, and there was much rejoicing – especially when it was finished.

Delicious meals were had and more chitter chat until it seemed that the 3 o-clock entertainment was setting up. The marvellous Mr Dixon joined us at this point.

Too soon it was time to head home. The Cessnockians left and we headed for the train with Puppy. A fun trip back south, though unfortunately someone didn’t sleep as hoped (but his father did). Rail-weary and battered and bruised (the scars of child-minding) I returned home and neglected for weeks to write this promised account.

A successful trip! Absent friends toasted, new friends welcomed, traditions upheld. A wise new committee evidently agrees that once a year is not enough for this type of event. I look forward to the Inaugural Invasion of Wollongong coming up in August and suggest in the meantime a Waistcoat Outing to Woy Woy via train, for fish and chips and duck feeding.

from the ed
Three cheers for all guest posters!!
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