Posted by: Wayne Robinson | March 29, 2012

Soldiers’ Council Meeting Tuesday 13 March 2012, The Red Cow Inn[1], Penrith


Sue (Chair), Damo, Louise, Helmut, Spike, Glenda, Quarf, AB, D’Amage, Wayne


Ross, Jackie


Jess Robinson (SMAC)

The meeting opened in disarray at 7:25pm. Disarray continued throughout the meeting so that business could be dealt with before people had to go and other people could get there. If the minutes hop around, for once it’s not because I missed my medication.

Helmut was appointed Lee for the day. Thus the balance of nature is restored.

Spike then serenaded Damo for his birthday, lyrics will apparently be enblogged at some point.

Previous Minutes

Accepted  with amendments to the date. Proposed Louise, seconded Quarf. Carried.

Business Arising- Part 1

The Great Trailer Inventory of 2012-Part 1

Discussion on the pine table resulted with it being referred to a working group to sand the marks off and reconstruct to a more accurate pattern.

Damo tabled an options paper on replacement of the various 1930s style trestle legs and the legs of the pine table with a more accurate and functional design. Following discussion on stability and strength, option A was selected with the material to be hardwood, preferably oak. Wayne to price 60lm 18mmX24mm DAR oak in his next call to Harpers.

People then wandered off to the bar. The meeting broke at 7:45 for dinner, with Damo leaving to go back down t’pit at 7:50. The meeting resumed at 8:00pm.

The President, Her report

[I’ll pretend I minuted this but it’s really taken from the email version]

As some of you will have heard, my Dad passed away on the 22nd of February, and I took leave to fly back to NZ for the funeral and to be with Mum & my sister for a week. I appreciate the kind thoughts received from those folk who did know.

Now on to more pleasant things…

Firstly, welcome to new members Bill Bracewell (aka Barnacle Bill) and the lovely Ali (and kinder… I had names written on something I can’t find… oh, well). You may have met them at the Christmas Party. Bill is quite fond of cannon, I believe…

I hear from the Treasurer that as of Sunday 12 people have renewed their membership for this year. Not bad, not bad… a bit more effort from a few of you would be appreciated!

Since the Feb meeting, What to Do About the Table(s) has been the subject of a Presidential Inquisition. I have just received the Chief Inquisitor’s report which gives us a number of options to chew over.

Advance Warning – Spike is in charge of planning An Event in the Southern Highlands for later in the year & will be in touch with Squire Barnsley shortly about the details (nudge, nudge).

ALHF matters. The ALHF AGM will be held at Easter at the Armidale gathering. There are a number of resolutions on the agenda that we need to decide on as a society. Whilst we will take a vote at the SC tonight I will also take feedback via email from those who can’t attend. Rather than copying the resolutions word for word, here is a summary of what they are designed to do…

Resolution 1: forms a Company Limited by Guarantee and transfers the assets of ALHF Inc to that Company. It also adopts a Constitution which includes a Board made up of representatives of State Living History Federations.

Resolution 2 renames ALHF Inc to NSW Living History Federation Inc with a new Constitution

Resolution 3 (if 1 & 2 fail) is similar to (1) in that it creates a Company Limited by Guarantee but does not have the State Bodies in its Constitution.

Resolution 4 (not on the agenda yet, but foreshadowed to be added by Another Person) – if 1 & 2 fail, this resolution would require the establishment of State subcommittees with specific powers and responsibilities, to be part of ALHF Inc or ALHF Ltd, whichever organisation it ends up being.

Also there is an agenda item in relation to forming a safety structure and procedures for the safe use of horses in re-enactment. Anyone interested, please contact me for a copy of the proposal.


Duyfken: I found a note from the last meeting which says I am supposed to “send details to Andy” – sorry Andy, with everything that’s been going on I lost track of this. However their email is and their website is – if you could proceed as discussed

Treasurer’s report

We’re not broke. All receipts from the Christmas Party have come in and the trailer rego has been paid. Sufficient slowmatch has been procured.

Some memberships came in bringing the total to 12 financial members and kids. The fee schedule has been sent around to all members.

Total holding is $6965.42

Moved: that we accept the treasurer’s report.  Wayne, seconded AB. Carried.

Editor’s report

Blog is chugging along nicely, with new links to how to do things are in the links list. There’s a photo report on  the Invasion of Newcastle but more articles and posts are needed. Facebook group also seems to be humming.


Nearing 15,000 views
155 posts, (will we get to 200 by the end of the year?)
288 comments (synchronicity!)

Views Jan 1223
Feb   794
Mar (so far)   367

Moved: that we accept the publisher general’s report.  Sue, seconded Helmut/ Lee. Carried.


Membership moneys in.

Email from a group producing Beauty and the Geek for tele-o-vision looking for victims. Some giggling followed and then we decided to ignore it.

ALHF AGM notice and supporting documentation – moved to General Business.

Business Arising- Part 2

The Great Trailer Inventory of 2012- Part 2

The question of benches arose, mainly due to a surfeit of table and a paucity of seats. AB to produce a short options document along the lines of the table one.

Priorities for repair and replacement to be set by the Committee.

Louise has spotted a portable kitchen on Talerwin Forge’s website. Bucket committee to investigate.


ALHF AGM will be held at Armidale on Good Friday with people who don’t meet the Armidale requirements graciously allowed to attend. Sue and Jackie will be attending, as will Jess from SMAC.

The ALHF question was put to members present at the meeting to determine which way the club will vote. Given that option 2 makes no sense without option 1, we decided to treat these as a single decision.

Resolution 1: forms a Company Limited by Guarantee and transfers the assets of ALHF Inc to that Company. It also adopts a Constitution which includes a Board made up of representatives of State Living History Federations. This is the preferred option of the ALHF committee.

Resolution 2 is subordinate to resolution 1 and renames ALHF Inc to NSW Living History Federation Inc with a new Constitution.

Resolution 3 (if 1 & 2 fail) is similar to (1) in that it creates a Company Limited by Guarantee but does not have the State Bodies in its Constitution.

Discussion ensued on the merits of each option. The question was then put to the vote.

In favour of resolutions 1 &2, 5 votes. In favour of resolution 3, 4 votes. 1 abstention. The group will therefore vote in favour of resolutions 1 & 2.

RAHS insurance

We provided the expression of interest form based on $12,000 and said that we’d join RAHS if it got us cheaper insurance. We may hear from them In The Fullness Of Time™.

Replacement valuation was $12,000, split is:

Kitchen: $2,000
Encampment: $4,050
Portable assets: $5,200 (incl trailer)
Munitions: $  750

Assumptions: built infrastructure and consumables uninsurable, p. radiata items will be replaced with KDH, stuff not stored/transported in or on the trailer is not covered. Munitions includes leading staff, but not pikes as they belong to the member not the group. Powder, shot and match is consumable and not included. The Horse Accident tarp, being priceless, is sadly uninsurable.

The Google Docs post review inventory has been updated with value and valuation source for anything that was worth looking up.

Blacktown Medyeval Fayre

An rehearsal is to be held on 25 March at a place to be determined. Ross to arrange venue and times.

Attendees may be a little light on, we may have to rope in some ancients et al. Sue to contact Mr Kelly.

Activities on the day(s) to include display eating/Turnham Green re-enactment, dress ups (please bring any spare clothing) and a voluntary washer woman will do your laundry[2] – bring shirts and shifts for laundering. Wayne to possibly do some display gloving.

General Business

Sue rang Ross at 8:52pm with the rest of the meeting devolving in to a rabble. Ross will organise drilling members and will supply cord to Helmut to work his alchemical magic. Ross will buy the necessaries on the wish list allocated to him.


Sue to supply contact details to AB.

Company of the Staple Re-enactment Skill Day

Held at Linfield and attended by Wayne. Organised workshops on scabbards, pouches and tunicae were held and while ambitious for a one day session,  taught people new skills and what was possible. Many people attended and did their own projects or worked in small teams. Following the lunch break a short forum session was held where each attendee shared what they and their group were doing re-enactmentwise. Recommended to include future skill days in our calendar.

Meeting closed at 9:15pm with a frontal assault on the bar, followed by being kicked downstairs at 9:30 when the top bar closed.

Action Items By
12/03 Obtain price on 60lm 18x42mm DAR oak WR
12/04 Benches options paper AB
12/05 Supply/make match cord RA/PB
12/06 Send stuff to AB re Dufkyn SD

[1] The Cow scored quite highly on the Schnitzel Index but has a poor range of ales.

[2] almost dissolving it in lye soap, banging it on a rock in the lake and rinsing in creek water.

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