About Us

The Pike and Musket Society is an historical reenactment and Living History organisation whose main focus is reenacting the Green Band of the Trayned Bandes (Trained Bands) of London at the beginning of the English Civil War in 1642. We are based in Australia.  Most of our members live in or near Sydney, and some in Melbourne and Newcastle.

Even though our main area of reenactment is military, this doesn’t stop us from reenacting the finer parts of Stuart culture. Some members of the Pike and Musket Society have branched out to form the Stocata School of Defence, dedicated to the study of European Swordsmanship. Others are interested in dance, needlework, and much finer cookery than the average soldier’s rations (thank goodness).



  1. Stoccata School of Defence can be found here: stoccata.org

  2. Hi
    i came across your page and was wondering if you could help me. We are after a non firing replica musket for a stage production but we are not sure were to start looking.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks

    • I have put the word out to see if anyone has a lead for you, but all of ours are firing muskets and most of the makers we deal with specialise in that. Shall keep you posted, thanks.

  3. Hi

    Hello. I am based in the Hunter Valley. I am an experienced musketeer having fought in the English Civil War and other conflicts for over 20 years.
    I would very much like meet up with anyone from your group in the Hunter Valley area.

    I have my own matchlock musket; this is still in the UK. I would appreciate advice on getting my musket out here.


    (Yes I am the same person who used to lurk on your ECW newslist many many moons ago).

    • Great to hear from you! We do have a couple musketeers who are up Newcastle way so will see what we can do about meeting up. Shall also query the musketeers about import laws for you and be in touch.
      If you happen to be free the weekend of 21-22 May we will be at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre , bring your gear if you feel like hanging around the campsite for a game of dominoes or 2!

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